The Carpenter's Helpers Charity

The Carpenter's Helpers

The Carpenter’s Helpers began as a ministry of members of the First Baptist Church of Wimberley. We remain very closely affiliated with FBC Wimberley but our membership has grown to include volunteers from many faiths. We work primarily in the Wimberley valley area. That said, we have worked in many places around the state of Texas and even out of Texas when extraordinary events such as hurricanes called us to serve.

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers, both men and women, that care about others and are willing to donate our time to help those in need when and where we can.


 The Bible tells us Jesus Christ instructed his followers to take care of the widows and orphans, those truly in need. We believe this teaching is not just a nice idea that should be pondered but one that should be put into action. Our hope is that through our actions others will experience the love of Jesus and be comforted.

 What We Do

 We have been blessed to help others in many ways. The widow that cannot change the lights in her ceiling fan can call us, the person suffering from a hip replacement and in a wheel chair that needs handicap ramps constructed to access their home can call us, the water heater that failed in a home without resources to replace it can call us, need for grab bars in the shower or other places might call us, need a limb trimmed, a gate repaired, a light fixture replaced, a lawn mowed, a gutter cleaned, perhaps we can help. We are not able to resolve all issues for all people but we are willing to listen and hopefully either help directly or refer those in need to the help they seek.

 How Can You Help? 

 If you would like to volunteer or get more information just drop us a note, email or call. We will look forward to visiting with you.

 How can you contribute financially >

100% of our finances are gifts from individuals wishing to support the ministry. No one in The Carpenter’s Helpers receives financial compensation. Our “overhead” is approximately $20.00 per month which covers the cost of a few thank you notes, stamps and the cost to host this web page on the internet. The dollars you trust us with are used to help others. If you would like to contribute financially to this ministry you may

  • (1) send something in the mail to The Carpenter’s Helpers – 1147 Water Park Road – Wimberley 78676
  • (2) send a contribution to the First Baptist Church Wimberley and designate the contribution be given to the Carpenter’s Helpers 
  • (3) click on the “Donate” button below and make arrangements on line to contribute.